Modern kitchen Velvet

Being together in a kitchen Velvet. A mixture of sensations, known and less known, substance and form of a dialogue between space and color among emotions to touch new surfaces and the rationality of housing an eclectic environment.

Contemporary Velvet Kitchen - Modern fitted kitchen furniture

The modern kitchen Velvet is capable of conveying strong feelings and emotions with great vision and with the first touch of his beautiful surfaces later.

Velvet cuisine is high-impact technical and aesthetic which seeks the essential ergonomic design, as natural law, so that the elements of the kitchen meet the spontaneous action of those who work.

Equipped with unique appeal of glass, the oak alternate lacquer, wood finishes and an irreplaceable light shapes, Velvet prefer the style that harmonizes with the criteria of functionality of a supercucina to modern living. And the prose of becoming a refined everyday becomes work that continues to capture preferences.


  • Ante: Panel class E1 premassellato perimeter and in natural cherry veneer and painted
  • Drawer fronts: Panel class E1 premassellato perimeter and in natural cherry veneer and painted
  • Glass door: Frame class E1 premassellato perimeter and in natural cherry veneer and painted or anodized aluminum frame
  • Glazing and white silk-screened tempered glass or opaque satin
  • Handles: Steps drilling compatible with the model 128 to 160 – 192 – 224 – multi-step (192 – 352) – multi-step (224 – 352 – 640)
  • Drum mobile: Panel ecological class E1 melamine
  • Hips custom: Ecological Panel E1 class natural cherry veneer and painted
  • Shelves: Panel E1 class in post-formed laminateor veneer panel class E1
  • Sockets: Remove retardant thermoplastic coated in various decorative ribbed anodized aluminum or stainless steel finish aluminum
Modern kitchen Velvet

The modern kitchen Velvet hides inside interesting functional solutions to maximize the usability of the kitchen.

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