Arredamenti Raimondi Contract Caltanissetta - Sicilia

The design that gives space to your desires

Custom made kitchens

We listen to customer requests and build tailor-made kitchens, designed and built according to individual needs.

A philosophy, that of personalization, which places quality and know-how in the service of aesthetics and functionality, where the most modern and technological equipment is integrated into a perfect craftsmanship.

Modern kitchens

Modern modular kitchens are made of durable, easy-to-clean steel.

Classic kitchens

Classic modular kitchens are made of high quality wood, treated to withstand long-lasting wear.

Pretend kitchens mansory

Masonry kitchens are ideal for those who want a tailor-made, economical, and easily editable solution.

Vincenzo Barney Naro

Vincenzo Barney Naro

It is an honor for me to choose a Raimondi kitchen! Sicilian excellence!
Alessandro Giammorcaro

Alessandro Giammorcaro

Precious products and finishes are the secret of this company, which is the industry leader in the market today
Francesca Tirone

Francesca Tirone

Very nice, I’m the top. Raimondi kitchens have unique features.
Giuseppe Canta

Giuseppe Canta

The top of the furnishings !!! Elegant, comfortable and durable kitchens.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen furniture must aim at maximum space optimization; steel kitchens can adapt to these needs without losing their beauty and functionality.

Classic Kitchen

The privileged material for classic kitchens is of course the wood that is worked out so that it can be durable and polished for decades, whatever the cooking mode.

Pretend kitchens mansory

The materials used for masonry kitchens and masonry kitchens are wood, tiles, gres Marble, marble and red bricks that enhance the solidity of the masonry and the aesthetic dimension.

Where we are

Three factories in the center of Sicily (Caltanissetta, Serradifalco and San Cataldo) welcome customers who want to choose from different types of offers: Masonry, classic and modern kitchens, industrial and professional kitchens, kitchen kitchens (ovens, fridges, hobs, etc …).


Accessori cucina componibile Ariston
Accessori cucina componibile Foster
Accessori cucina componibile Franke
Accessori cucina componibile Smeg
Accessori cucina componibile Barazza
Accessori cucina componibile Lacanche
Accessori cucina componibile Rex
Accessori cucina componibile ILVE
Accessori cucina componibile Fratelli Onofri
In the Show-Room of Modular Systems s.r.l. There is a technical room with demo functionality where the final customer has the possibility to check the functioning and the aesthetic performance of each single product. Installation technicians can also choose from different types of hinges, knobs, handles, baskets, etc ….

Built-in Kitchens, Modern and Classic Kitchens, Fine Masonry Kitchens, Measuring Kitchens