Pretend kitchens mansory

The kitchens in fake masonry are ideal for anyone looking for a tailored solution, economic and easily editable.
Raimondi proposed kitchen with innovative ways to adapt this type of kitchen furniture to modern homes.

Realization of faux masonry kitchens in Sicily

The kitchens faux brick adapt to any environment.

Faux brick kitchens are made but not lose the charm and warmth of the materials used in kitchens in real masonry.

The materials used for kitchens and kitchens faux brick walls are wood, tile, porcelain tile, marble and red bricks that enhance the strength of the masonry and the aesthetic dimension.

Tosca stone pre-fabricated built in kitchen

Tosca stone pre-fabricated built in kitchen

The kitchen faux stone carries all the flavor of the past, revenge of the tradition which lines and materials combine to create a special atmosphere. Here are the pre-fabricated built kitchens that have the same appearance as those in traditional built...

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