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Modern kitchen Perla

The cutting edge of the Sistemi Componibili modern collection, the kitchen Perla has a high aesthetic and functional value.

Modern kitchen Perla - Raimondi modular kitchens

The modern modular kitchen Perla is the gem of the range of modern kitchens made by the Sistemi Componibili s.r.l.

The anthracite model seems to catch your attention and carry you away to a boundless time.

An evident characteristic are the overhanging modules which echo a new way to conceive the kitchen.


  • Doors: polished/smooth panel in MDF in spines of multilaminar wood (regulation UNI 10396) available in 15.000 different wood types and several colours. The veneered door consists of a panel whose surface is covered with wood piles, also called plies. It is a thin wooden sheet obtained through the trunk shearing. It is glued on a panel which can be in wood particles or in a medium density wood fibre. The four edges can be finished with the same material or a different one, or with solid wood splines. The choice depends mainly on the look the door has to get as a final result.
  • Glass doors: aluminium frame.
  • Glass: satin glass
  • Movable/sliding door: ecological three layered panel in urea resin with low formaldehyde content (class E1). Particularly suitable for ennoblement with melaminic foil, finish foil PVC and veneering.
Modern kitchen Perla

The modern kitchen Perla is made in the best materials manufactured in conformity with the high quality standards according to the regulation UNI 10396.

Modern kitchen Perla

The minimalist and plain design of the kitchen Perla hides a great functional value perfectly combined with the necessity to store your tools in the most convenient way.

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