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Modern kitchen Mare

Materia system continues and develops the content of the trendy classic style that characterizes the productive vocation GED Cucine: enhancing the quality of materials presenting them in their immediate authenticity, design assist in this vocation with a speech that gives life to the original form of refined simplicity.

Modern fitted kitchen furniture ~ Mare

The modern kitchen Sea takes its name from the neon blue spot above the sink that, when switched from a person who observes a strong evocative and emotional.

In the various versions of the Sea, the subjects stand out in all their original strength, like a delicious dish comes from quality, the “right” things and learned from the treatment of ingredients that protects nature, so it is by sea, made of substances ” well “and balanced proportions. The stone and work plans, from quarries to the particular location, let you keep the smell of the sea, and proposal and polished to a natural grasp, to touch, materiality.


Modern fitted kitchen furniture ~ Mare

The Sea is a modern fitted kitchen with built in plexiglass doors for a greater sense of transparency and clarity.

  • Ante: Panel class E1 laminate 12/10 postformed with vertical edges and profile handle
  • Drawer fronts: Panel class E1 multi laminar veneer wood stained teak with decorative edge perimeter 10/10 multi laminar wood decorative stained teak. Panel E1 class premassellato perimeter and natural varnished oak veneer or graphite
  • Glass doors: Anodized aluminum frame
  • Glasses: White lacquered tempered, lacquered black and temperate, and white silk-screened tempered glass or opaque satin
  • Handles: Steps drilling compatible with the model 128 to 160 – 192 – 224 – multi-step (192 – 352) – multi-step (224 – 352 – 640)
  • Drum mobile: Panel ecological class E1 melamine resin, hips: external surface and edge color white or ivory door inner surface, bottom, sky and white or ivory shelves. Panel ecological class E1 melamine melamine.
  • Hips custom: Ecological Panel class E1, the outer surface and edges Oak veneer or natural graphite, the inner surface melamine
  • Shelves: Ecological Panel class E1 laminate or walnut veneer panel class E1 stained and varnished
  • Sockets: ribbed aluminum anodized aluminum or stainless steel finish