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Modern Kitchen Fiamma

System Kitchen, Fiamma leaves the confines of the kitchen to stay open, recovering a material of memory: the walnut in sepia gray tone. By asymmetric frame and exclusive veneer “slatted”, built by the alternation of dark and light tones, you draw a model of rare beauty.

Modern custom made kitchen fixture ~ Fiamma

The Modern Kitchen Fiamma takes its name from the wood used, which with its light and shade symbolizes almost a flame bright and shiny.

Generous dimensions and research to discover the finest materials processing unexplored. Defined composition, well equipped in every detail: Fiamma so much furniture and are equipped with shared interior fittings of wood and steel, transforming an area of service in an area organized with high amounts of design and elegance, decorated with care to become a place to live.

Kitchens Fiamma – TECHNICAL

  • Ante: frame in solid walnut veneer rewound at Hackberry and panel E1 class walnut veneer, stained and painted
  • Drawer fronts: frame in solid walnut veneer Hackberry stained and varnished
  • Glass doors: solid wood frame of Hackberry rewound veneered walnut stained and varnished
  • Glasses: gray tinted tempered
  • Handles: Drilling steps compatible with the model 128 – 160 to 320
  • Drum mobile ecological panel class E1 melamine melamine
  • Personalized sides: ecological panel E1 class, outer surface and edge color veneer door, inner surface melamine
  • Shelves: panel class E1 veneered walnut stained and varnished
  • Sockets aluminum stainless steel finish
Modern kitchen Fiamma

The modern kitchen Fiamma rediscover the pleasure of cooking stay. Large areas of light make this kitchen the top of the range.

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