Arredamenti Raimondi Contract Caltanissetta - Sicilia

Classic kitchen – Cherry Capri

The project is inspired by one of the most popular tourist destinations and sought after destinations for tourists worldwide. The island is the jewel of the Gulf of Naples.

Classic kitchen ~ Capri

A complete overview of classic cuisine Capri Cherry tailored adaptable to any space.

The lush vegetation, the extraordinary colors of the sea, wonderful caves, made famous in the world.

Place of residence of emperors and source of inspiration for many famous artists, poets and writers, the island still exudes a charm like no other.

The company wanted to make a tribute to this beautiful island, inevitably remain in our hearts.


  • Ante: frame in solid lime, cherry veneer panel
  • Drawer fronts: in solid linden
  • Glass door: Frame in solid lime, cherry veneer panel
  • Glazing glass: satin white or cathedral mm4
  • Drum mobile: ecological panel urea three layers with low formaldehyde content (class E1).
    Especially suitable for finishing with melamine paper, finish foil, PVC and wood veneer.
  • Sockets: removable thermoplastic coated flame retardant melamine-coated flame retardant thermoplastic.
Classic kitchen - Cherry Capri

The Kitchen Classic Capri converges towards the cooking area to get an optimal space for the preparation of dishes.

Classic kitchen - Cherry Capri

A detail of the cooking area of Kitchen Classic Capri. This kitchen is equipped with a powerful plant air intake.