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Modular kitchens

Sistemi componibili srl making deliveries throughout Italy!

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The kitchens made by Sistemi componibili s.r.l are an example of fine design combined with high functionality.

To meet the taste and needs of its customers, Sistemi componibili srl also created imitation built in kitchens which are particularly suitable in environments where you it is not possible to install real built in kitchens.

Using highly qualified technical staff componibili Systems srl designs and builds kitchens equipped with modern and functional accessories which make it even more pleasant to use and livability of the kitchen drawers opening electricity, back lit polychromatic, baskets for total extraction, which is angled to the columns and bases, closures amortized in the drawers and doors, custom lighting is under pensile rather than over pensile.

On the request of the customer the kitchen can be made with the stem (the backbone) entirely in wood, personalized is in the material used (the different essences of wood) that the color, brightness and hue.

Ovens, work tops, refrigerator, sinks, etc. .. can be fitted to any make or model, is flush-top and under-top or flush mounting.

Muratura pretend kitchens

The kitchens in fake masonry are ideal for anyone looking for a tailored solution, economic and easily editable

Kitchen-fake-brick Raimondi

The kitchens faux brick adapt to any environment.

Modern kitchen furniture

The modern kitchens are made of steel, resistant and easy to clean.Modern modular kitchen Raimondi

Steel is the main material with which they realize the modern kitchens.

Classical fitted Kitchens

The kitchens are made with traditional wood of top quality, treated to resist wear and tear.

Kitchen classical Raimondi

The classic kitchens enhance the brilliance and beauty of wood.

Drip system installed in modular kitchens

All the kitchens, both classical and modern can be fitted with new anti water drop system which prevents the penetration of water in the most delicate parts of the structure.,while preserving the kitchen during everyday use and ensuring greater protection and durability of elements. (Watch the video in the accessories section kitchens).

GENERAL TECHNICAL common to all kitchens

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